Lila and Louis

Spending the day with Lila, Louis and their parents is defiantly good for the soul!

Thank you for letting me into your home, to play with your special toys, to snuggle your baby and most of all thank you for trusting me to capture your life right now. The static in Lila's hair from a busy morning of playing. The sweet moments between father and daughter enjoying a imaginary snack brought to him from the play kitchen. The trust in your newborn baby's eyes as he gazes up to you. All those tiny details of Louie as a newborn. The silliness of it all as of your daughter plays a drum at your feet while you calmly try to change your fussy baby's diaper. The quiet moments, the loud moments and everything in between. It was an honor to preserve these memories for you. Thank you.

Sticks & Stones


I wanted to give a little shout out to Sticks and Stones today... I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity each month to work with such a great store. If you are from Minnesota haven't been there yet, do so! They have two locations, one in Mankato & one in St. Peter, and each store is always filled with unique fashion, artisan jewelry pieces, and wonderful gifts. For those of you, myself included, who may still have some shopping to do... the stores are open tomorrow (Christmas Eve) from 12-3.

**a special thank you to Drummer Garden Center for kindly letting us use their greenhouse as our backdrop for this session.

"you just do your thing"

"You just do your thing"... This is what the mom (who also happens to be a very dear friend to me) said when I arrived at their house, and this is exactly why I love documentary family photography. While your family is creating a wonderful memory together I get to be there preserve those moments through photographs. The main goal was to get some nice updated family portraits for holiday cards and some prints for their wall, but by allowing me to "do my thing" and document our time together, this family not only received those great portraits but they also have these honest photographs that tell the story of what this chapter of their life looks like... 

We didn't have to travel too far for this family session. I first started out at their beautiful home, for some portraits and candid moments, from there we took the bike path behind their house and followed it down to the lake for a little bit of rock throwing and boat watching. Just as the sun was slipping behind the trees we made our way to a grassy hill to play. On our walk back to their house, the kids' shoes, sweaters, and tights all came off one by one while they walked barefoot through the cool mud and picked up fallen leaves. Once we returned to the house, there were friends to play with, an awesome pink Vespa to drive, bikes to ride and a game of catch to play in the front yard. 

Thank you "Z" family for trusting me to "do my thing" and creating photographs of your gorgeous family "doing your thing".

Family Session in the Woods

One of my favorite memories of my childhood was taking walks through the Nature Center with my family when we would be visiting my grandparents. Everyone that was there would join us... aunts, uncles, cousins, my great aunt, and of course my grandparents. My grandpa always had his camera with and I cherish the photographs he took of that special time spent with family.

 When I received an email from this Mom asking if I would possibly be up for a hike in the woods to photograph her family in one of their favorite places, I immediately dusted off my old hiking boots and jumped at the opportunity! I love that these images will only get sweeter with time for this family and that they too have these moments documented for themselves and for their children to look back on year after year.

Love. love. love.

Let's talk about love for a minute, no actually let's feel some love for a minute (or longer) while I share with you the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Wright. I had the honor of photographing this couple, along with their friends and family at the Lumber Exchange in Minneapolis, where we spent the day celebrating, spreading and supporting the right to love for everyone.

when I sent the newlyweds their photographs, I asked them to...

"look through the photos first and take it all in. then, go back and look through these again, but this time look at the faces of your family and friends surrounding you, and take notice of the way each of you look at one another without the other person knowing. This is where you truly see the love."


I will forewarn you: This is a "photo heavy" post. It couldn't be helped because this was a "LOVE heavy" day... ENJOY.

Roll of 36

Do you remember, before the digital world, picking out a roll of film for your camera? If you do, you may recall that they were labeled for daylight, indoors, and low light and you would choose what film you needed from that. Those labels were actually referring to the ISO, or how sensitive to light your film was and how fast the images can be recorded in that given light. Once you put your film in your camera, you kept it in there until the last shot or you risk ruining the entire roll by exposing it to light! Now, in the digital age, we are able to switch between shooting in bright sunlight with a low ISO to moving into a dark room and adjusting your ISO higher to accommodate. So convenient, Right?

Well, convenient is great, but sometimes a challenge is needed. With reaching the midway point of my 100 days of summer project, I needed a little creative push and so I participated in a "roll of 36" challenge. The idea is to pick your ISO (representing your roll of film) and stick with it for 36 frames. I chose an ISO of 200, we had a birthday party outside and I would need something that would work in bright light. I didn't want to waste my film, so I had to be pretty picky about what I shot, which was a challenge in itself for me. I am used to overshooting, and can easily fire away 300 frames of the same scene just to get that one perfect image.

Just like film, some turned out and some not so much. Here are a few of my favorite images from the roll of 36 challenge...




A day in the life...

This session was so cool for me. Leah and I grew up together, we have continued to stay in touch and get together at least once a year for an annual girls weekend with a group of our other childhood girlfriends (kid & husband free)... but to have the opportunity to watch your friend as a mother is a wonderful treat.

When I arrived at their house, Leah mentioned that she was worried because they didn't have anything "special" planned for me to photograph. Which was absolutely PERFECT! I wasn't there to capture a special events, I was there to capture the magic in the mundane. So we spent the Saturday doing what they would do on any other sunny Saturday in the summer.

Here is a day in the life of my great friend Leah, her husband Jason, and their two girls...


Flower Child

Sweet Scarlett is living my dream life.... is it wrong for me to be envious of a(n) (almost) two year old? She lives in a cute old farm house, with the family's green house business right out her front door. She has a flock of chickens, a great big puppy named Lou and her favorite hideout is in the back of the company's flower/market truck. I mean life can't get any better than that, right? 

Not only is Scarlett the cutest little thing, she also is pretty funny... and because I love humor, here are some of my favorite outtakes from our session. The faces she makes are priceless!