"you just do your thing"

"You just do your thing"... This is what the mom (who also happens to be a very dear friend to me) said when I arrived at their house, and this is exactly why I love documentary family photography. While your family is creating a wonderful memory together I get to be there preserve those moments through photographs. The main goal was to get some nice updated family portraits for holiday cards and some prints for their wall, but by allowing me to "do my thing" and document our time together, this family not only received those great portraits but they also have these honest photographs that tell the story of what this chapter of their life looks like... 

We didn't have to travel too far for this family session. I first started out at their beautiful home, for some portraits and candid moments, from there we took the bike path behind their house and followed it down to the lake for a little bit of rock throwing and boat watching. Just as the sun was slipping behind the trees we made our way to a grassy hill to play. On our walk back to their house, the kids' shoes, sweaters, and tights all came off one by one while they walked barefoot through the cool mud and picked up fallen leaves. Once we returned to the house, there were friends to play with, an awesome pink Vespa to drive, bikes to ride and a game of catch to play in the front yard. 

Thank you "Z" family for trusting me to "do my thing" and creating photographs of your gorgeous family "doing your thing".