Roll of 36

Do you remember, before the digital world, picking out a roll of film for your camera? If you do, you may recall that they were labeled for daylight, indoors, and low light and you would choose what film you needed from that. Those labels were actually referring to the ISO, or how sensitive to light your film was and how fast the images can be recorded in that given light. Once you put your film in your camera, you kept it in there until the last shot or you risk ruining the entire roll by exposing it to light! Now, in the digital age, we are able to switch between shooting in bright sunlight with a low ISO to moving into a dark room and adjusting your ISO higher to accommodate. So convenient, Right?

Well, convenient is great, but sometimes a challenge is needed. With reaching the midway point of my 100 days of summer project, I needed a little creative push and so I participated in a "roll of 36" challenge. The idea is to pick your ISO (representing your roll of film) and stick with it for 36 frames. I chose an ISO of 200, we had a birthday party outside and I would need something that would work in bright light. I didn't want to waste my film, so I had to be pretty picky about what I shot, which was a challenge in itself for me. I am used to overshooting, and can easily fire away 300 frames of the same scene just to get that one perfect image.

Just like film, some turned out and some not so much. Here are a few of my favorite images from the roll of 36 challenge...