Love. love. love.

Let's talk about love for a minute, no actually let's feel some love for a minute (or longer) while I share with you the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Wright. I had the honor of photographing this couple, along with their friends and family at the Lumber Exchange in Minneapolis, where we spent the day celebrating, spreading and supporting the right to love for everyone.

when I sent the newlyweds their photographs, I asked them to...

"look through the photos first and take it all in. then, go back and look through these again, but this time look at the faces of your family and friends surrounding you, and take notice of the way each of you look at one another without the other person knowing. This is where you truly see the love."


I will forewarn you: This is a "photo heavy" post. It couldn't be helped because this was a "LOVE heavy" day... ENJOY.