A Family Session in the Park

Family sessions are some of my favorite things to photograph. I love capturing the different personalities of each of the children, and showing the love of a mother and father while they interact with their family naturally.  I try to keep my sessions as relaxing as possible, allowing kids time to play, explore, and basically just be kids. (The kids think they are just playing, but in reality, I am capturing some of the best images at this time.) My most recent family sessions was exactly that, relaxed for mom and dad, and fun for the kids...

This is one of the cutest families ever! The oldest daughter was so loving to her younger brother and sister. The middle son had been practicing his smile all day and was proud to show it off to me. And the littlest one was full of curiosity and eager to explore. We started off our session by the waters edge, and let the kids toss sticks into the river and look for fish.  From there we walked down the path through the trees and tall grasses and continued our session as we went along. We talked about frogs, bees, snakes and fairies, had a sword fight and raced down a hill... a pretty nice summer evening if I say so myself.

Jeff the Craftsman.

I am working on a personal portrait/documentary project of people who have inspired me throughout the years. This is meant to be an ongoing project, something that I will continue to add to throughout my life. I have a long list of people I would love to photograph for this little project of mine, but when the idea first came to me, my immediate thought was that I needed to photograph Jeff. 

Jeff, and his wife have been friends of my parents for as long as I can remember. Jeff's wife is an incredibly talented decorator, artist, entrepreneur... basically a creative genius! Their daughter used to babysit us, and I was in school with their youngest son, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I really got to know Jeff... I started some woodworking projects and began building things in our garage. I was basically learning as I built, and it was suggested to me by my parents to visit Jeff in his workshop for some help. 

I loved spending time learning from Jeff, not only is he an aww-inspiring craftsman, he is also incredibly smart. He explained the history behind the tools we were using (some dating back before Lincoln was president!) and taught me what type of tools to look for at flea-markets and antique shops.

I looked forward to my visits to Jeff's workshop, I found the tools we were working with beautiful and fun to use, but mostly I found Jeff incredibly interesting. He talked adoringly about his granddaughters and shared a favorite donut recipe with me. We talked about places I should visit and he gave me advice on life, success and happiness...

I came to Jeff to learn a little about woodworking, but ended up coming away with so much more.

 ...to build (do) things with intention, embrace the simple, and find joy in the work.   


This mama is so down to earth and chill. If I could spend every afternoon with Jamie, I absolutely would. She has a way of completely understanding you and just being in her presence is calming. We wanted to do an earthy, boho vibe for her photo session to really match her personality, and I could not be more pleased with how her images turned out.

As we were wrapping up Jamie's maternity session, her husband and their two younger kids showed up. I am a sucker for pigtails and so I could not let this little cutie get away without snapping some pictures of her too.


Rachel & Greyson

You may remember sweet Greyson and his beautiful Momma Rachel from their family session a few months ago. This time Rachel and Greyson visited me at the studio for a little Mommy & Me session. It was wonderful to visit with Rachel again and so fun to see how much Greyson has changed! He is still just as happy as ever, but this time I was able to hear his sweet little baby giggles...which completely made my day! 


Weekend Update

You should see the confidence of this kid on his scooter. One who usually approaches things with caution is now showing us his cool tricks, racing down the sidewalk at high speeds and beaming with pride at his accomplishments. He likes to be called "Shadow Hopper" because of the awesome move he coined where he jumps up and lands on the deck of his scooter each time he drives over a shadow. If you see us out and about on a walk (me)/scooter ride (Oscar) be sure to ask if you can see his latest stunts.

Mama & Me sessions

I am excited to share with you a special event I will be hosting through out the month of May. A vintage style Mama & Me sessions at a very special price.

Sessions will take place at my studio, where we are keeping the scene very simple. Bare walls, beautiful light and you, loving on your child(children). I will have an antique iron bed on hand for you to cuddle up on if you wish, as well as vintage quilts and textiles to snuggle up with. 

These sessions are perfect for any mom and her children, grandmas and grandchildren, and expectant mamas too. Come do what you do best, love your children and let me capture those emotions for you. 

If you would like to purchase a Mama & Me session as a gift for Mother's Day, I will provide you with a beautiful personalized gift card to give.

Session info

-cost is $99 due in full at booking 

-each session will be approximately 30 minutes long

-you will receive at least 6 edited images with print release provided in an online gallery within 2 weeks of our session together. These are yours to share, print and enjoy.

-$50 off your next family session

This offer is only available for a limited time, and cannot be use for any other session other than the Mama & Me event. I only have a handful of sessions available and sessions will be booked on a first come, first serve basis. Session fee is non-refundable and must be paid in full to reserve your time and date. 

To schedule your session or purchase a gift give me a call at 507-213-6564 or fill out the form below.

I look forward to capturing your love.

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Bath time

I have always loved doing the bath routine with Oscar, I loved watching his imagination at work when we were playing with the toys in the water, I loved how I had his full attention and he had mine and we had time to just talk without any distractions, and my favorite part was wrapping him up in a big fluffy towel and getting to smell that wonderful clean baby scent as I dried him off. Oscar is growing up, turning 7 years old soon, and today as he was taking a bath I realized that this REALLY could be the last bath where he lets me sit next to the tub waiting to help while carrying on a conversation between us. The baths are being replaced with showers more often now, and he is getting to the point where he doesn't require much help with washing his hair. I knew that I needed to document this time before it was gone...


And when we he was done I grabbed a towel fresh from the dryer, still warm. As I wrapped him up, I held on a little bit longer and made a wish for one more time.

Mr. Greyson & Gus too

I loved my session with Greyson and his mom and dad, Rachel and Evan. Evan's adorable grandma was my first grade teacher and I actually have been friends with Evan's sister since we were in elementary school together, I spent much of my childhood playing over at their house. To see Evan as a dad now (and a great one at that) is so amazing. I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that the sweet little blond boy who shared his Playmobile figures with us, is all grown-up with a baby of his own. I think the world of Evan and his entire family so this session was extra sweet to be able to welcome Greyson into the world and have the opportunity to spend some time with Evan and Rachel, and their seriously cool cat, Gus.

Seth & Kate

 I arrived at Seth & Kate's house on a foggy Saturday morning. Before Kate could answer the door, I could hear Lenny and Frank (their two adorable dogs) waiting eagerly to great me, and to top of the friendly welcome I received in their home, they had my favorite drink from Starbucks waiting for me on the counter. I could tell just from talking to Kate on the phone that these two were a really sweet couple, they both have such a relaxed and fun vibe, and the atmosphere in their house mirrors their down to earth personalities. We started off our engagement session, really just hanging out at their house. Taking advantage of their cute backyard and playing with the dogs for a bit, then we headed indoors where Lenny and Frank immediately found their usual spots on the couch; snuggled up with Seth and Kate. After that, we took a drive to a fun little location to continue our session with the city skyline and quaint storefronts as our backdrop. Being able to spend the day with Seth & Kate was an enormous treat, and I cannot wait to do it again when these two say "I do" this summer.